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Entrepreneur Loans Offer in Singapore

Stating up a business may cost you a fortune. You may experience some cash shortfall due to either unexpected payment delays or just low seasons. But never mind! With our Entrepreneur loans, we have all your financial needs covered. Whether you need money to start up a business, to pay business running expenses or just for expansion, Singapore Licensed Moneylenders are there to keep your business afloat and running smoothly.

What’s an Entrepreneur Loan?

This is a personal loan advanced to an entrepreneur either as a startup capital or to expand an existing business. In other words, an entrepreneur loan is a loan advanced to an individual to run a business.

Why choose S21 Credit for your Business Financial Needs?

We are Legit

We understand people’s fear of falling into the hands of loan sharks! We are a legitimate money lending company and this can be verified from the list of Singapore Licensed money Lenders maintained by the Ministry Of Law. So, don’t fear to secure a loan facility with us.

Customized Business Loans

Our Business loans are customized to specifically fit into each client’s financial needs. We have a team of professionals who package each customer’s loan based on their needs and ability to pay.

Quick Turnaround Time

Time is of essence! This is why we have adopted a quick turnaround time.  Even for emergency cases, you can count on us. Our team work round the clock just to see that your financial needs are met as and when they arise.

Flexible Repayment Plan

We understand how stressful it is to keep up with tight payment deadlines. Here at S21 Credit, we have a flexible repayment plan as our main objective is to uplift entrepreneurs and not to exploit them. We reschedule loans in case of financial difficulties to fit into your budget.

Our priority is customer satisfaction and excellent customer service. We give an assurance of our professional assistance and confidentiality of our client’s information without fear or favor to break free from their financial challenges.

For more information on business loans and other loan facilities, kindly contact our office through +65 6789 6653, or fill up an application form and we shall get back to you immediately.


We Are Helping People Improve Their Financial Health

loan for foreigner - s21credit

S21 Credit not only specialises in assisting Singaporeans but also extending this service to foreigners and expatriates to meet unexpected financial challenges.

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business loan by S21credit

Businesses are expensive to start and run. Our entire process makes getting business loans easy and simple – so you spend less time applying, and more time realising your dreams.

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cash loan advance by s21credit

S21 Credit – Cash loan advance is designed to be used over a short period of time, we offers cash loans starting from $500 to $5000 – enough to cover most short term emergencies.

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